Extreme Performance AI

Numenta has developed breakthrough advances that enable customers to achieve 10-100X improvement in performance across broad AI and ML use cases, such as natural language processing and computer vision. Leveraging fundamental insights from years of neuroscience research, Numenta has defined new algorithms that deliver disruptive performance improvements.

We work with companies to apply our technology across a broad spectrum of use cases and solve some of today’s most pressing problems:

  • Improve model development
  • Accelerate training and inference
  • Increase throughput and reduce latency
  • Achieve a significantly lower energy footprint
  • Decrease memory footprint
  • Optimize networks on any hardware (CPU, GPU, FPGA or edge devices) 
  • Lower operating and energy costs in datacenters

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The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence

Numenta technology is grounded on a sensorimotor framework of intelligence described in Jeff Hawkins’ book A Thousand Brains and in our research publications. The theory describes how neuroscience findings detailing the structure and function of the brain can be translated to working systems. 

The framework suggests mechanisms for how the brain efficiently represents information, learns about the structure of the world, and makes predictions. By building technology on these core principles, we can overcome today’s performance challenges and unlock new capabilities in AI.


Sparse connectivity
Neurons with dendrites
Sensorimotor circuitry
and more

Data Structure

Contextual activations
3D reference frames
Uncertainty with unions
and more


Sensorimotor Learning
Distributed model voting
and more