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  • Key Numenta Research Discoveries
    Key Numenta Research Discoveries

    Numenta is on a mission to solve the grand scientific challenge of figuring out how the brain works. Through a focus on cortical theory, Numenta researchers have made some important discoveries that lay the foundation for a new framework for intelligence. This video explains two of those discoveries, both documented in peer-reviewed papers....

  • AI Singapore Meetup: The Biological Path Toward Strong AI
    AI Singapore Meetup: The Biological Path Toward Strong AI

    In this talk in an AI Singapore Meetup on HTM, Matt Taylor discusses why today’s weak AI will not produce intelligence. He talks about details of our Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) technology, such as Sparse Distributed Representations (SDRs), Spatial Pooling, Temporal Memory, and Sensorimotor Inference Theory....

    Matthew TaylorMatthew TaylorOpen Source Community Manager
  • Numenta: Why Brains Matter
    Numenta: Why Brains Matter

    Understanding the brain is one of science’s most important problems, and while many people believe it’s not solvable, researchers at Numenta disagree. Numenta is on a mission to reverse-engineer the brain and establish a path to machine intelligence. Watch this two minute video to see why the brain is not only a remarkable organ but the key to understanding intelligence....

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