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The Hard Unsolved Problems in HTM Theory youtube video screenshot
Video: The Hard Unsolved Problems in HTM Theory (1:00:00)

To help you learn about our theory and technology, we have organized educational content below. It is designed for anyone who wants to learn about HTM cortical theory and its applications for machine intelligence.

  1. Research PapersHere you’ll find a collection of recent Numenta Research papers. Some of them are currently under review at journals/conferences, but we have made all manuscripts freely available on preprint sites, such as arXiv or bioRxiv.
  2. Biological and Machine Intelligence (BAMI)This living book (Biological And Machine Intelligence) documents our Hierarchical Temporal Memory framework for both biological and machine intelligence.
  3. HTM SchoolThis YouTube series is designed to educate the general public about Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM). Each 10-15 minute episode dives into a particular topic of HTM theory.


  1. ODSC West 2017 - The Biological Path Toward Strong AI
    Matthew TaylorOpen Source Community Manager2017/11/03
  2. A Theory of How Columns in the Neocortex Enable Learning the Structure of the World
    NumentaJeff Hawkins, Subutai Ahmad, and Yuwei Cui2017/10/25
  3. Strange Loop - The Biological Path Toward Strong AI
    Matthew TaylorOpen Source Community Manager2017/09/29
  4. HTM Chat with Jeff Hawkins - Video Series
    NumentaJeff Hawkins & Matt Taylor2017/03/22
  5. Reverse Engineering the Brain for Intelligent Machines
    NumentaJeff Hawkins and Subutai Ahmad2017/03/07
  6. Machine Intelligence with Streaming Data Webinar
    NumentaChristy Maver & Scott Purdy2016/04/26
  7. HTM Videos from Jeff Hawkins
    Jeff HawkinsCo-Founder2014/11/22
  8. Getting Started With Numenta Technology
    NumentaCeleste Baranski & Matt Taylor2014/10/17
  9. Science of Anomaly Detection
    Scott PurdyEngineering Manager2014/10/17
  10. Applications of Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM)
    Chetan SurpurSoftware Engineer2014/10/17
  11. HTM Learning Algorithm Tutorial - Algorithm Basics
    Rahul AgarwalSoftware Engineer2013/08/03


  1. Jeff Hawkins on Loup Ventures Braintech Podcast Series
    Doug ClintonLoup Ventures2018/01/05
  2. Jeff Hawkins Explores a New Theory of Cortical Function
    Ginger Campbell, MDBrain Science Podcast2017/11/27
  3. Numenta: Inventing and (or) Commercializing AI (Case Study)
    David B. Yoffie, Liz Kind and David Ben ShimolHarvard Business School2017/05/31
  4. Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) Whitepaper
    Jeff HawkinsCo-Founder2011/09/12
  5. On Intelligence (Book)
    Jeff Hawkins & Sandra BlakesleeCo-Founder & Co-Author2005/07/14


  1. Cosyne Conference 2017: 3D Object Learning with Cortical Columns
    NumentaJeff Hawkins, Yuwei Cui, Subutai Ahmad, Nathanael Romano, and Marcus Lewis2017/02/24
  2. Cosyne Conference 2016: A theory of sequence memory in the neocortex.
    NumentaYuwei Cui, Subutai Ahmad, Jeff Hawkins, Chetan Surpur2016/02/25
  3. Cosyne Conference 2015: Maintaining Stable Perception During Active Exploration.
    NumentaYuwei Cui, Subutai Ahmad, Jeff Hawkins, Chetan Surpur2015/03/05

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