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Numenta works with strategic partners to bring the power of HTM to the market. While we focus on the science and the core technology, we select application partners who have deep domain knowledge and are able to add an application layer tuned to market needs.

We are flexible in structuring these relationships in a way that works for both parties. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please review our license guide, and email us at logo is leading the next generation of natural language processing: language intelligence. Founded on core principles of HTM,’s Semantic Folding technology translates text into sparse distributed representations. This enables a host of exciting applications that have challenged computer scientists for decades including sentiment analysis, automatic summarization, semantic search and conversational dialogue systems.


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Grok is using HTM technology for advanced IT anomaly detection. Grok applies Numenta's breakthrough technology to solving the IT department’s hardest problems, with a complete enterprise solution. Its modern user interface makes it easy to drill down to important anomalies and take action before a problem worsens.