Numenta’s Business Principles

1. Transparency

We have enabled a community of researchers and developers working on HTM technology in the NuPIC open source community at . We post all of our application and algorithm code in NuPIC as well as our research updates as they occur. We publish our work in peer-reviewed journals and submit pre-publication manuscripts to arXiv. We also speak at a variety of forums, such as machine learning, data science, neuroscience, and application-specific events. Other than confidential information relating to partner relationships, products or data, we work as much in the open as possible.

Given the uniqueness of our work and our early focus on temporal data, we have been issued over thirty U.S. and international patents. The list of issued U.S. patents can be found here . In addition, we have pending U.S. and international patents that are not included in this list. We believe these patents cover some of the foundational principles of machine intelligence.

2. Scientific, Research and Academic Use

Our reference software, along with its associated IP, is available at  under the AGPLv3 license at no cost. Scientists, researchers, and students are able to use our technology by agreeing to the terms of this open source license. For those researchers who are unable to use the AGPLv3 license, we have created a separate, no-cost, non-commercial, trial license .

For those scientists and researchers who want to use our intellectual property without our software, or whose work may be covered by our patents, we make a clear statement of non-assertion: as long as your work is for non-commercial use, we will not assert our patents.

3. Commercial Deployment

In our terminology, commercial use means using the technology or patents to create a product or service that is sold, licensed, hosted, or offered to customers or business partners as standalone functionality or as part of another product, whether for a fee or not. In addition, commercial use includes deploying the technology or patents internally to be used in any business process. For example, if you use our technology or patents internally to monitor performance of your IT servers, even if you don’t offer it to others, we view this as commercial use.

Commercial partners are welcome to use our software under the terms of the AGPLv3 license, which includes releasing their own software to the open source under the AGPLv3 license. Please contact us at with any questions.