Message Regarding Matt Taylor

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

To Numenta followers:

It is with great sadness that I am writing you with the news that Matt Taylor, our open source community manager, passed away yesterday in his sleep.  While we are still waiting to understand what happened, his death was sudden and unexpected (COVID-19 is not currently suspected).  Matt’s wife and two school-age children are devastated, as are all of us at Numenta.

Matt was a vital force at Numenta.  He joined us because of his passion for our work, and that passion never wavered.  He took it upon himself to make his personal mission one of explaining our theories to developers and the general community.  He built a vibrant and active on-line community.  He was constantly proposing new ideas, whether starting a podcast, creating animations, or live-streaming our research meetings.

We have opened a tribute website here for those of you who would like to pay your respects to Matt.  I know his family would be grateful for your comments and memories.

Matt would be the first to remind you to savor every day.

Donna Dubinsky
CEO, Numenta

Matt Taylor 1978-2020

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

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