Jeff Hawkins on Lex Fridman's AI Podcast, Partner Updates, and More | Numenta News – September 2019

Christy Maver • VP of Marketing

Sound: Jeff Hawkins on Lex Fridman’s AI Podcast, Partner Updates, and More | Numenta News – September 2019

I’m pleased to share several news items with you this month.

Jeff Hawkins on Lex Fridman’s AI Podcast

Our Co-Founder Jeff Hawkins recently appeared as a guest on Lex Fridman’s Artificial Intelligence Podcast. Lex Fridman teaches deep learning courses at MIT and hosts a popular AI Podcast series that features “accessible, big-picture conversations…about science, technology, and the nature of intelligence.” During their two hour conversation, Lex and Jeff spoke about a wide range of topics from the Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence to deep learning to super-human intelligence and the existential threats of AI. The episode is available in both audio and video format.

Brains@Bay Meetup

In our last newsletter, we introduced a new Meetup group called Brains@Bay, dedicated to the study and development of machine learning algorithms heavily inspired by neuroscience research. The first meeting, which focused on Continuous Learning, took place in July. Attendance at the group’s second meeting more than doubled in August! Nearly 40 people came out to Numenta HQ to hear presentations on Sparsity in Neural Networks. For those who were unable to attend, we live-streamed the event, and the replay is available on our YouTube channel. The next meetup will take place in October, and we’re looking for bigger venues to accommodate the growing group. If you’re interested in hosting, contact the organizers through the Brains@Bay meetup page.

Reminder: We’re Hiring and Live-streaming

If you’d like to get involved with our research, there are many ways to do it. First, we’re hiring! Check our website for more information on our open positions: Machine Learning Research Scientist, Numenta Research Interns, and Numenta Visiting Scholars. If you’re not able to join the team in an official capacity, you can still attend our research meetings because we live-stream them through our YouTube channel. Meetings are generally Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10.15am Pacific Time, and they range from journal clubs to discussions of neuroscience and machine learning ideas to Jeff giving whiteboard sessions on a specific topic. You can find all previous live-streams on our YouTube channel.

Partner updates – Biologically-inspired Natural Language Understanding recently won the 2019 AI TechAward for Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology. The 2019 AI Tech Awards celebrate technical innovation, adoption and reception in the AI, Machine Learning & Data Science industry and by the developer community.

On September 25, will join Ovum for a webinar on their Contract Intelligence solution. CMO Steve Levine will discuss the solution and the innovative technology behind it, while Sascha Demgensky from PwC Germany will describe use cases for Contract Intelligence. Register today to save your spot.

Grok – Machine Learning for IT Service Assurance Organizations
After the successful release of Grok 3.0, which added features including real-time monitoring of logs, events and performance datastreams, Grok is now focused on improving the user experience by bringing the critical context of the Predicted Incident to the user in a new streamlined user interface. The first version of the updated UI was released in July, with more to come.

In other exciting news, Grok is hiring across many parts of the organization, including Solution Architects and Data Scientists to support accelerating new Grok capability that will bring more value to Service Assurance organizations. You can contact Grok at the newly revamped website:

Intelletic Trading Systems (ITS) – AI-based Financial Trading Platform
Intelletic Trading Systems (ITS) is successfully live trading (24/6/autonomously) the S&P e-Mini (ES) & Gold (GC) futures. Two more futures (Euro FX & Copper) are under test for possible trading beginning this month, enhancing potential return. ITS is trading with internal capital, pending the establishment of a proprietary investment fund or alternatively sending trading signals to client-owned accounts worldwide on a profit-sharing basis.

Implementation of their ‘first-in-the-world’ multi-level & multi-mode cortical models (MLM)—designed to further enhance the platform’s dynamic response to market, entry & exit conditions—will commence this month, with staging over the next six months. ITS continues to welcome inquiries regarding Intermediate & Series A equity from qualified investors. They can be contacted at

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Christy Maver • VP of Marketing

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