New Paper in Frontiers in Neural Circuits, Upcoming AMA & More

Christy Maver • VP of Marketing

Sound: New Paper and Reddit AMA | Numenta News – May 2019

I’m pleased to share several news items with you this month.

New paper published in Frontiers in Neural Circuits
We published a new paper in Frontiers in Neural Circuits this month, “Locations in the Neocortex: A Theory of Sensorimotor Object Recognition Using Cortical Grid Cells.” The paper provides a neural mechanism for computing object-centric locations. Authored by Marcus Lewis, Scott Purdy, Subutai Ahmad, & Jeff Hawkins, the paper shows how this neural network model learns to recognize static objects, receiving only a sensorimotor sequence as input. The neural mechanism builds upon ideas we introduced in a 2017 paper, "A Theory of How Columns in the Neocortex Enable Learning the Structure of the World." It is also a key component of the Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence, which we explained in our January 2019 paper, “A Framework for Intelligence and Cortical Function Based on Grid Cells in the Neocortex.”

Ask Me Anything (AMA) – May 15
Mark your calendars for May 15 at 1pm PDT for a Reddit Ask Me Anything with our Co-founder Jeff Hawkins, VP of Research Subutai Ahmad, and Open Source Community Manager Matt Taylor. They’ll answer questions about the Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence, its impact on AI and machine learning, and more. The link will be live on the AskScience subreddit early morning EDT on May 15. We’ll send out reminders so you can submit your questions.

Numenta On Intelligence Podcast – Conversations with Jeff and Subutai
Matt Taylor interviewed Jeff Hawkins on a recent episode of our Numenta On Intelligence podcast series. The episode marks the first of several upcoming interviews with Jeff and Subutai. We want to share the casual conversations that happen every day here at Numenta, on a variety of topics that include speculative ideas pertaining to our theories. Some content will get fairly technical, and we’ll provide links for further reading where possible. Drop us a line and let us know what you think or what topics you’d like to hear on an upcoming episode.

Partner updates’s Contract Intelligence solution was recognized by UK Analyst firm Ovum, for its benefits of applying AI technology to the legal domain. Unlike other solutions based on keywords,’s Contract Intelligence solution extracts meaning from unstructured data, which is particularly helpful in the legal profession, where vocabulary is narrow and small changes in expression yield large semantic differences. To read the report and learn more about the solution, visit’s website.

Grok continues to innovate, building on the momentum of their 3.0 release, which introduced real-time monitoring of data streams consisting of system performance metrics, system/application logs and events to improve incident detection. Grok has now enhanced how users interact with the platform. The new user experience being tested brings advanced situational awareness to the Grok-detected incident by automatically correlating key information related to the incident in real-time, such as other infrastructure components, most common resolution action, assignment group and a timeline of how the incident unfolded.  Casey Kindiger, Grok CEO says “The new Grok frontend addresses the challenge of delivering context to unsupervised Machine Learning for IT Operations by correlating the anomalies against a timeline so that Agents have what they need to understand the source of the issue and resolve it immediately.” To learn more, visit the Grok website.

Intelletic Trading Systems (ITS)
Intelletic Trading Systems LLC (ITS) announced the beginning of live real-dollar trading (long & short) of the S&P e-Mini futures contract (ES) in April. ITS’s proprietary trading platform uses Numenta’s cortical learning algorithms to interpret & predict market movement. The move to live trading came after impressive results with a 47.3% simple annual return on their three-year back-test and a 55.0% annual return on their simulated-dollar live trading. ITS’s next goal is to begin generating revenue, profit and an auditable trading history. Their longer term plan remains to establish an ITS-owned investment fund that is traded exclusively utilizing their proprietary platform. Check out for more information.

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Christy Maver • VP of Marketing

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