Numenta Newsletter October 2016

Christy Maver • Director of Marketing

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Numenta Newsletter — October 12, 2016

One of my favorite parts of working at Numenta is fielding the inquiries that come in from people all over the world. As the buzz in the AI landscape continues to increase, what has become clear through my interactions with people that contact us is that they are eager to learn more – more about our
technology, more about our approach. They want to understand how we are reverse-engineering the neocortex and applying what we learn to create machine intelligence technology.

That’s why we are continuing to work on our living book, called BAMI, which stands for Biological and Machine Intelligence. This book, which documents our detailed computational theory of the neocortex and its applications for machine intelligence, is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of our
theory, Hierarchical Temporal Memory. For anyone that wants to learn about HTM, BAMI is a must-read. We are making great progress in our research and will continue to update BAMI as we do. Follow our BAMI twitter account @NumentaBAMI to be alerted when we make an addition or revision.

In other news, I’m pleased to share some updates from our partners. has been making headlines with talks at events around the globe. Recently, Francisco Webber, co-founder and general manager, presented to a packed crowd at the first ever O’Reilly AI conference, co-located with Strata in New York City. In his talk, “AI is not a matter of strength but of intelligence“, Francisco explained why many Natural Language Processing projects fail with some machine learning techniques. He went on to show how to overcome those issues with semantic folding, their breakthrough technology that incorporates Numenta’s research on how the brain processes information.

Francisco will also be speaking next month at Data Natives in Berlin, where will also have a booth, October 26-28. He will close out the year as a panelist at AI Europe, where he’ll discuss aspects of being a startup in the ever-changing field of AI.

Meanwhile, Grok has been busy as well. They were recently awarded with an honorable mention at Tech.Co’s 4th annual Startup of the Year competition. Grok was one of 50 startups from around the world selected from a thousand to compete in San Jose from September 20-22. Grok was the only startup chosen in the Cloud Services category.

I recently caught up with Grok Head of Product, Tarun Gangwani, to get the latest news about the company, including its recent expansion, plans for the platform and where they’re headed next. To see my conversation with him, click here.

Lastly, we have a new blog post on our site that gives a behind the scenes look at how we brought HTM Studio, a tool that allows anyone to experiment with our technology on their own data, to life. You can read project manager and engineer Marion Le Borgne’s firsthand account here. If you’re attending
MLConf on November 11 in San Francisco, stop by our table to get a live demo of HTM Studio.

Christy Maver • Director of Marketing

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