Wed, Aug 26, 2020 • Events

Brains@Bay Meetup: The role of active dendrites in learning

Subutai Ahmad • Numenta

In this meetup, we will discuss the role of active dendrites in learning from a neuroscience and a computational perspective. We are thrilled to have a great lineup of speakers joining us!

First, Matthew Larkum (Larkum Lab), a leading expert on dendrites, will give an overview on the main advances in active dendrites over the last two decades.

Then Ilenna Jones (Kording Lab) will present her new, exciting research on the computational power of biological dendritic trees.

Our final presenter, Blake Richards (Linc Lab) will argue that dendrites solve an implementation problem for brains, but they are not necessary at the algorithmic level, and the importance for ML is largely with respect to neuromorphic chips.

The talks will be followed by our usual discussion panel, where we will discuss how we can apply what we learn from neuroscience into improving machine learning.

Video recording for this event is available here.

Subutai Ahmad • Numenta

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