• Learning Through Active Exploration

    At Numenta, we are working on a next-generation machine intelligence algorithm that learns complex patterns through active exploration. The stream of sensory inputs i

    Yuwei Cui Image Yuwei Cui Research Intern
  • Increasing Research Transparency

    I am pleased to tell you about a change we recently made to our research process. We have made our day to day experimental code public. We've already released our com

    Subutai Ahmad Image Subutai Ahmad VP Research
  • Grok for Managing AWS Cost Anomalies

    Using Grok's custom metrics, I sampled and fed AWS burnrate statistics into Grok for regional burnrates as well as instance counts. Since AWS instances vary in pricin

    Jared Weiss Image Jared Weiss Engineering Intern
  • Progress at Numenta

    Late last year we shipped our first product, Grok for IT Analytics on AWS. Since then, we’ve released several enhancements for the product, including the recent versi

    Donna Dubinsky Image Donna Dubinsky CEO
  • Summer Internships and the Extensibility of HTM

    On the other hand, HTM machine intelligence – like your brain – comprises a single underlying processing method that is extensible across a wide range of applications

    Nick DeFalco Image Nick DeFalco Marketing Intern
  • Cleanup on ASG 3

    I saw a notification from Grok that our web server auto scaling group (ASG) was acting anomalously. At first I thought it was only because we were heavier

    Joe Block Image Joe Block Site Reliability Engineer
  • Detecting Anomalies in Stock Volumes

    I decided to apply Grok and the Cortical Learning Algorithm to stock data: have the CLA learn patterns and alert me to anomalies. I decided to monitor volume

    Viraj Sinha Image Viraj Sinha Summer Intern, Engineering
  • Caught Red Handed

    Like most engineering managers, I like to know when someone is manually touching one of our servers. That’s especially true for production systems, but also

    Jared Casner Image Jared Casner Director, Product Development
  • Anomaly of the Week

    My smartphone buzzed: Grok had sent an alert. I know that with Grok it just takes a few seconds to check things out, so I clicked on the notification graph

    Subutai Ahmad Image Subutai Ahmad VP Research
  • The Science of Anomaly Detection

    I’ve written a paper that explains how we have applied the science of the CLA to the technology of anomaly detection. It illustrates how a simple-to-use product

    Jeff Hawkins Image Jeff Hawkins Founder