Open Source Community

Because we want our technology to be broadly adopted, we make it widely accessible in an open source community. There you’ll find our algorithms, daily research, source code, and an active discussion forum  with HTM community members covering a variety of topics.

You’ll also find our implementation of HTM technology, called NuPIC (Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing), which is written in C++ and Python. Other implementations have been ported from NuPIC into other languages by community members.

If you are interested in seeing, developing or working with our technology, we invite you to visit our HTM Community website .

Anyone is welcome to use our technology for free, under the AGPLv3 open source license . In addition, we have created a separate, trial license without commercial rights  for those individuals or organizations who are unable to use the AGPLv3 license. For more on our licenses, see the Licensing & Partners section section.

Numenta Open Source Hackathon Event