Episode 8: Interview with a Neuroscientist – Konrad Kording Part 1

Numenta • Matt Taylor and Konrad Kording

Show Notes

Dr. Konrad Kording is a professor at University of Pennsylvania, known for his contributions to the fields of motor control, neural data methods, and computational neuroscience. He runs the Kording Lab, or K-Lab, which focused on computational neuroscience early on and now focuses on causality in data science applications. His lab has made an impact across many fields over time, including Bayesian brains, causal effects in human behavior, and uncertainty in the brain.

In this episode, Matt Taylor interviews Dr. Kording over Skype to discuss illusions of perception, how uncertainty might be represented in the brain, and more. A video of their conversation is available on the HTM School YouTube channel.

Download the full transcript of the podcast here.

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Numenta • Matt Taylor and Konrad Kording