Episode 7: Conversation with Numenta CEO Donna Dubinsky

Numenta • Christy Maver and Donna Dubinsky

Show Notes

After a couple episodes that have gone deep into neuroscience topics for our neuroscience listeners, this episode is intended for those with no science background. Co-host Christy Maver interviews Numenta CEO Donna Dubinsky about what it has been like to steer the ship of a company with both a scientific and machine intelligence mission. Donna explains why she felt it was important to commercialize our efforts – and the answer might surprise you! She also discusses why she believes it’s important to understand how the brain works, and where she sees Numenta going. As Donna explains, “It’s never obvious when you’re in it,” but the vision is clear. At the end of the episode, she shares some pointers to our more accessible, non-scientific resources and how companies can get started with our anomaly detection technology today.

Download the full transcript of the podcast here.

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Numenta • Christy Maver and Donna Dubinsky