Episode 5: Interview with a Neuroscientist - Alex Vaughan

Numenta • Matt Taylor and Alex Vaughan

This episode was recorded on August 8, 2018.

Show Notes

Alex Vaughan is a scientist and entrepreneur, founder of MapNeuro, Inc. He’s been working at Zador Lab on groundbreaking new ways of tracking neurons and mapping them. We talk about the molecules in your brain and how they control you. Alex describes how viruses are used as a delivery mechanism for brain mapping barcodes. You’ll also find out how your brain is like a subway.

It’s not easy to map the brain, but we’re starting to understand how, thanks to many fields of science contributing to our current technological toolset. We talk about how all fields of science are connected, and how business and science can be used together to better understand the brain and intelligence.


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Numenta • Matt Taylor and Alex Vaughan