Episode 4: Natural Language Understanding with Francisco Webber

Numenta • Christy Maver and Francisco Webber

Podcast host Christy Maver interviews Francisco Webber, CEO and Co-founder of Cortical.io. Cortical io is a strategic partner of Numenta that specializes in natural language understanding. In this episode, Francisco talks about the spark that started it all for him while watching a YouTube video of our Co-founder, Jeff Hawkins, the advantages of their patented semantic folding methodology over other machine learning, statistical-based approaches, and the many natural language use cases the company addresses.

Show Notes

  • [1:42] Cortical.io – trying to be different, a brain-based approach
  • [5:50] Processing language based on meaning
  • [8:08] How a Jeff Hawkins video sparked an idea that became the foundation of Cortical.io
  • [8:26] Sparse distributed representations applied to language
  • [13:32] Solving the problem of how two people can perceive the same thing: measuring overlap
  • [15.32] Introduction to semantic folding
  • [20.42] Introduction to semantic fingerprints
  • [23.07] Generating topology, accounting for prior knowledge, bringing in the right training data
  • [27.13] Natural language understanding use cases
  • [31.00] Building block of Cortical.io solutions – ability to do semantic search
  • [36.20] What’s ahead for Cortical.io
  • [37.58] Where to find more information – demos and tools, API

Download the full transcript of the podcast here.

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Numenta • Christy Maver and Francisco Webber