Episode 12: Conversation with Jeff Hawkins – On Defining Intelligence

Numenta • Matt Taylor and Jeff Hawkins

Show Notes

In this episode, Matt Taylor sits down with Jeff Hawkins to talk about intelligence. What is it? What makes us intelligent? How is our intelligence different from a mouse’s? Jeff addresses these questions and more.

  • [1:33] Evolution – a very good place to start
  • [9:30] Defining Intelligence – “The bottom line is that Intelligence is only as good as the model that you build.”
  • [13.30] Reference frames – “If you don’t have a general purpose reference frame, you cannot be smart.”
  • [29:30] Reference frames applied to abstract things
  • [41:00] Summary of the 3 components of intelligence

Download the full transcript of the podcast here.


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Numenta • Matt Taylor and Jeff Hawkins