Episode 11: Conversation with Subutai Ahmad – On COSYNE and the Thalamus

Numenta • Matt Taylor and Subutai Ahmad

Show Notes

Host Matt Taylor interviews Numenta VP Research Subutai Ahmad about his experience at this year’s COSYNE conference. They discuss:

  • What COSYNE is all about
  • Why Numenta attends
  • What Numenta presented

Then Matt dives into the content Subutai presented at COSYNE and asks about

  • the difference between tonic and burst modes
  • how cells in the cortex control modes in the thalamus
  • why would cortex control modes of thalamus
  • how TC cells detect precise sparse codes from L6
  • what the thalamus is providing in the FF input to L6
  • the hypotheses suggested by the poster


Download the full transcript of the podcast here.

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Numenta • Matt Taylor and Subutai Ahmad