To help you learn about our theory and technology, we have created a number of videos, podcasts and educational resources. They are designed for anyone who wants to learn more about Numenta’s technology and the neuroscience research behind it.

  • Videos • From keynote presentations to invited talks to cortical animations, view our library of videos to see our research developments firsthand.
  • Books by Jeff Hawkins • Read the books where Jeff shares many of his research discoveries that led to our theory of intelligence and how that theory will impact the future of neuroscience and AI.
  • Biological and Machine Intelligence (BAMI)  This book (Biological And Machine Intelligence) documents many of the fundamental concepts of our theory and algorithms as of 2016.
  • HTM Research • HTM is an older algorithmic implementation of the Thousand Brains Theory. 
″Filled with fascinating insights into the architecture of the brain and tantalizing clues about the future of intelligent machines.” ― Bill Gates