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  1. Numenta Newsletter December 2017
    Numenta Newsletter December 2017

    As we wrap up 2017, I’m pleased to share several new items with you. Our co-founder Jeff Hawkins recently completed an east coast speaking tour where he presented our latest research at three institutions: Cold Spring Harbor Labs, Boston University, and the MIT Center for Brains, Minds + Machines. Together with our VP of Research Subutai Ahmad, they spent the week discussing our theory, engaging with scientists, and encouraging experimentalists....

    Christy MaverChristy MaverVP of Marketing
  2. Numenta Newsletter November 2017 soundcloud
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    Numenta Newsletter November 2017

    As we approach the end of the year, I’m happy to announce the release of two new resources. The first is a new peer-reviewed paper published in Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. The second is an episode of the Brain Science podcast featuring an interview with our co-founder, Jeff Hawkins. While the podcast is also intended for a neuroscience audience and does get into some technical details, we hope you’ll find it’s an enjoyable conversation that is accessible to non-technical listeners as well....

    Christy MaverChristy MaverVP of Marketing
  3. Numenta Newsletter October 2017 soundcloud
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    Numenta Newsletter October 2017

    I’m excited to share that our first paper on sensorimotor inference has been accepted and published in the journal Frontiers in Neural Circuits. We posted an earlier version on bioRxiv in July while it was undergoing review, and the final, peer-reviewed version is now available under its new title, “A Theory of How Columns in the Neocortex Enable Learning the Structure of the World.”...

    Christy MaverChristy MaverVP of Marketing
  4. Numenta Newsletter September 2017 soundcloud
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    Numenta Newsletter September 2017

    As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, we find ourselves quite busy, and I’m happy to share several updates with you. First, we recently published a new manuscript to bioRxiv, titled “Untangling Sequences: Behavior vs. External Causes,” which looks at how the same neural mechanism can process two different types of sequences: sequences where sensory inputs change due to external factors, and sequences where inputs change due to our own behavior (sensorimotor sequences)....

    Christy MaverChristy MaverVP of Marketing
  5. Numenta Newsletter July 2017 soundcloud
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    Numenta Newsletter July 2017

    I’m happy to share two exciting announcements with you this month. First, we recently completed our initial paper on sensorimotor integration, “Why Does the Neocortex Have Layers and Columns, A Theory of Learning the 3D Structure of the World.” This paper articulates a major insight that Jeff had last spring when he uncovered a missing ingredient about how the brain works....

    Christy MaverChristy MaverDirector of Marketing
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