Discussion on Grid Cell Distortions and Reference Frame Transformations

Numenta • Marcus Lewis and Jeff Hawkins

In this research meeting, Marcus Lewis discusses the importance of explaining grid cell distortions, and to generate discussion he proposes a possible explanation, showing some results from an experiment he conducted. He hypothesized that an animal localizes by detecting distance from various points of boundaries and those points “vote” on the location. The weight of the votes is determined by nearness, and distortions occur when the animal’s idealized map differs from the actual environment. The team then discusses the hypothesis and raises further questions.

Jeff then explores the possible processes and mechanisms that underlie reference frame transformations in the neocortex. He describes a few problems with a previous hypothesis he proposed about rf transformations in the thalamus and further explores the role of the thalamus. He then suggests the relationship between rf transformations and temporal memory.

Papers from Marcus’ presentation:



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Numenta • Marcus Lewis and Jeff Hawkins