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Numenta In A Nutshell

Who we are

    Numenta is a small team of scientists and engineers working on one of science’s grand challenges: how the brain works and how brain principles will be used in Machine Intelligence.

What we do

    We are reverse engineering the neocortex. We publish our progress in scientific journals and create software simulations to test our theories. Everything we do is publicly disclosed and available in an open source form.

Our business

    We have built a large IP/patent portfolio. We offer several types of licenses. Our IP will become increasingly essential as machine learning and AI adopt brain principles.

Our progress

    We have made several fundamental discoveries so far. These include:
    • How neurons make predictions and detect anomalies.
    • How layers of neurons learn sequences of patterns.
    • How multiple layers of neurons learn to recognize objects via movement.

Our latest discovery: sensorimotor integration

    In 2016 we discovered a “missing ingredient”. All areas of the neocortex assign their input to a “location" in the external world. This explains how we learn through movement and perceive a rich model of the world and the objects in it. This is a major addition to existing neuroscience thinking and it will have a large impact on how we design intelligent machines.

What it means for machine intelligence

    Today’s machine learning technologies are extremely limited compared to human intelligence. To overcome these limitations, intelligent machines need to work on the same principles as the brain. Intelligent machines patterned after the brain will be able to solve many important problems. Numenta is far ahead of any other team in this effort to create true machine intelligence.