Licensing & Partners

Numenta’s licensing and intellectual property (IP) strategy is to create an active research community and build a foundation for future intelligent applications. Unless it involves proprietary information regarding our work with other companies, we openly publish our scientific findings, software, intellectual property, and business strategy.

Open Source Technology & Scientific Use

GNU Affero Public License v3

We have several software libraries available for anyone to use, along with the associated IP, under an AGPLv3 license at no cost.

Our newer work, applying our cortical ideas to machine learning, can be found in nupic.torch. Our legacy work, applicable to anomaly detection and prediction on streaming data, can be found in nupic.

Contributor License

If you are interested in seeing, developing, or working with our technology, you’ll first have to sign the Contributor License.

Scientific Use

For scientists and researchers who want to use our intellectual property without our software, or whose work may be covered by our patents, we make a clear statement of non-assertion: as long as your work is for non-commercial use, we will not assert our patents.


We have a growing list of more than 40 U.S. and international patents that we believe will be critical for machine intelligence. The list of issued U.S. patents can be found here. In addition, we have pending U.S. and international patents that are not included in this list.

Commercial Deployment

Commercial licenses are currently only available under the terms of the AGPLv3 license. Although Numenta previously offered non-AGPL commercial licenses, we have discontinued that practice. The work we were licensing is now many years old and we are not maintaining it.  Our new technology, pertaining to machine learning, is not yet available for licensing. We will announce a commercial licensing program when available.

If you are interested in using our intellectual property without our software in a commercial application, or have questions about our patents and licensing, contact us at


Numenta partners bring the power of HTM to the market, bringing deep domain knowledge to our algorithms to add an application layer tuned to market needs. Learn more about our partners here

Numenta Licensing and Partners