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Sound: New Theory for Intelligence and Cortical Computation | Numenta News – October 2018

October has been an especially exciting month for Numenta, and I’m pleased to update you on all the latest news. Last week, we released a new theory for intelligence and cortical computation, which we believe will have major implications for both neuroscience and artificial intelligence. We introduced “The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence” in a new research paper that has been submitted for peer-review, “A Framework for Intelligence and Cortical Function Based on Grid Cells in the Neocortex.” The paper proposes a broad framework for understanding the neocortex, which is the organ of intelligence–both what it does and how it works.

We invite everyone to read the research paper, but we recognize that for those who are less familiar with neuroscience terminology and concepts, understanding the scientific paper may be difficult. We wanted to make the ideas and implications in the research paper broadly accessible, so we created a companion piece that describes the theory in non-scientific terms. Some may choose to read the companion piece alone, while others may find it a useful entry point to understanding the details in the research paper.

For those who want more technical details, we have two papers that include detailed network models about core components of the theory: A Theory of How Columns in the Neocortex Enable Learning the Structure of the World and Locations in the Neocortex: A Theory of Sensorimotor Object Recognition Using Cortical Grid Cells. If you are a visual learner, you may want to view the latest HTM School video that walks through some of the main ideas: HTM School Episode 15: Framework for Intelligence.

We were thrilled to receive coverage in the New York Times about the new theory. Reporter Cade Metz wrote a thoughtful piece about our co-founder, Jeff Hawkins, and Numenta’s unique mission to reverse-engineer the brain. The article covers our latest research quite nicely, but some scientists may have gotten the impression that the theoretical neuroscience we do at Numenta happens behind closed doors and apart from the rest of the scientific field. Our VP of Research Subutai Ahmad wrote a blog post addressing this misperception and our commitment to open science.

Our Research team will travel to San Diego next month to present three posters at Neuroscience 2018, hosted by the Society for Neuroscience (SfN): “Grid cells in the neocortex, a framework for cortical computation”, “A mechanism for sensorimotor object recognition using cortical grid cells”, and “The predictive neuron, how active dendrites enable spatiotemporal computation in the neocortex.” If you’re attending the event, stop by for a discussion with the team.

In partner news, we have an update from Intelletic Trading Systems LLC (ITS). I mentioned in our May newsletter that ITS became a commercial licensee of Numenta, and that they were using HTM to develop a fully autonomous trading platform for futures and other financial instruments. I recently interviewed Bill Zemlak, CEO of ITS, and we’ve posted that interview on our blog. I think you’ll find ITS’s application of HTM, their results, and their thoughts about its broader use, intriguing.

Thank you for continuing to follow Numenta.

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Christy Maver • VP of Marketing

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