Numenta Newsletter December 2016 - Year in Review

Christy Maver • Director of Marketing

Video: Numenta Newsletter December 2016 – Year in Review

Numenta Newsletter — December 19, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I’m sure many of you are reflecting on this past year as you also look ahead to the next one. I found myself doing the same when I sat down with our co-founder Jeff Hawkins recently. I asked him to share his thoughts on Numenta’s 2016 highlights and what he’s most looking forward to
in 2017. Jeff talked about the progress we’ve made on our dual missions of reverse engineering the neocortex and creating machine learning technology based on how the brain learns. From the peer-reviewed papers and research collaborations the growth of the Numenta Anomaly Benchmark and the release of HTM Studio – it’s been a busy year, but as Jeff’s excitement indicates, the best may be yet to come. You can view my full conversation with him below.

Our partners have been busy as well. Grok returned from a successful AWS re:invent where they announced new product features designed to make it even easier for businesses to get up and running with Grok. You can read about the new sources and integrations galleries in this blog post. co-founder Francisco Webber has been speaking at several events, including AI Europe in London and Data Natives in Berlin. You can see a video of his talk from the latter event here. will be in the Bay Area next month at the Deep Learning Summit, but for those who can’t catch them in person, you can explore their technology through their latest similarity explorer demo – a tool that compares the meaning of any two pieces of text by overlaying their semantic fingerprints.

Numenta has a couple events lined up for January as well. Research engineer Yuwei Cui will be giving a talk titled “Real-Time Streaming Data Analysis with HTM” at the Global AI Data Science Conference 2017 in Santa Clara, CA. Scott Purdy will present “How to Model Streaming Data That You Know Nothing
About” at Smart Data 2017 in Redwood City, CA. We will also have a booth at this event, so if you’re planning to attend, be sure to come see us.

Thank you for continuing to follow Numenta, and I look forward to sharing more news with you in 2017. Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year.

Christy Maver • Director of Marketing

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