September 2015 Newsletter: Partnership between Numenta and Avik Partners on Grok for IT Analytics

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

Numenta Newsletter – Sep 01, 2015

Dear Numenta newsletter subscriber: I am excited to tell you about a new
partnership between Numenta and Avik Partners, an IT services and advanced
analytics company.

Before I tell you more about Avik, I want to remind you of our strategy for
deploying HTM technology. Over the past few years we have made excellent
progress in turning HTM cortical theory into a valuable technology, first for
streaming analytics, but ultimately as a core component of machine intelligence.
In order to demonstrate how HTM technology can be used, we created several
example applications. Our plan is to partner with applications developers to
bring commercial solutions to the market while we focus on developing the
science and technology. Earlier this year we announced our first such
relationship with, a company using HTM technology for natural
language applications.

Avik Partners is our second commercial partnership. Casey Kindiger, CEO of
Avik, is a proven entrepreneur with deep experience in IT and developer
operations. Casey became intrigued with our Grok for IT Analytics example
application, recognizing the substantial commercial potential for our advanced
anomaly detection capability in the IT environment, and approached us about a

Our relationship with Avik is structured as a strategic partnership. Avik will
assume our Grok for IT product (including the name Grok), enhance the
application with the many features that have been requested, and market it to
enterprise IT organizations. Avik will be doing business on the website, where you can sign up to receive information
when the product is available. We expect to complete the transition of the Grok
for IT Analytics product to Avik within 30 days. As part of the license,
Numenta has taken a minority ownership position in Avik.

We believe that Avik is an ideal partner to apply HTM technology to solve major
problems in complex IT organizations. Given the breadth of potential HTM
applications, we are excited about our discussions with several other potential
licensees who want to apply HTM technology to a wide variety of application
domains. Over time, we hope to establish a constellation of partners building
intelligent applications using HTM technology.

In order to facilitate consideration of a license, we have created several
standard license options. We realize that these standard licenses won’t fit
every situation, so we also offer custom licenses. We have just published a new
license guide with details. If you are
interested in becoming a licensee, please review this document, and feel free to
write to us at

Please join me in congratulating Casey and Avik Partners. We look forward to
working together to bring machine intelligence to improve management of IT

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

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