Numenta Newsletter March 2015

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

Numenta Newsletter

March 12, 2015

As part of the community interested in machine intelligence, you may be
following the current public debate about whether artificial intelligence should
be feared or encouraged. Jeff Hawkins recently wrote a thoughtful opinion piece
on this subject:
The Terminator Is Not Coming. The Future Will Thank Us.
I hope you will have time to read Jeff’s piece and, if you find it worth
sharing, to promote it within your social network. We feel that the future of
machine intelligence is very exciting, and would welcome your help in spreading
the word.

We have confirmed the date and location for our next NuPIC hackathon: May 29-30
in New York City. The 32-hour all-weekend event is our first east coast
hackathon. We hope that the New York location will facilitate attendance from
the east coast as well as from international locations.

Congratulations to the winners of our Sparse Football Pool (including me!)!
Learn about the connection between football, HTM learning algorithms and the
brain in our blog post.

We also have two additional short videos about Numenta that I would like to
Intro to Technology and
Intro to Applications.
These videos are a quick way to learn more about Numenta’s machine intelligence
technology and its broad applicability, and are especially appropriate as
introductory videos for those new to our work. Again, we hope you will share
these videos, along with Jeff’s overview video, with others who want to learn
about Numenta.

Thank your for your ongoing interest in Numenta.

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

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