Grok 1.6 Released - Showcasing at AWS ReInvent in Las Vegas, Nov 11-14

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

NOTE: Numenta has announced a strategic partnership with Avik
please read more about the future of
Grok for IT Analytics.

Newsletter – November 11, 2014

Grok 1.6 Released – Showcasing at AWS Re:invent in Las Vegas, Nov 11-14

We are pleased to report that Numenta has released version 1.6 of
Grok for IT Analytics, which is available for no
license charge on the AWS Marketplace.

This version offers several new important features:

  • Annotation of data streams, which allows sharing of information and
    collaboration among users

  • Increased support for additional data formats

  • Enhanced performance

Based on Numenta’s breakthrough
Hierarchical Temporal Memory
technology, Grok monitors servers running on AWS and enables complex pattern
detection, automatic model building, and continuous learning. Grok output is
displayed on a constantly updated mobile device, enabling IT professionals to
assess the health of their systems anytime, anywhere.

We will be showcasing this new version of Grok at the AWS re:Invent conference
in Las Vegas, November 11-14. If you are attending, please visit us and see
Grok 1.6 in action at Booth #648.

I’m also happy to announce that the videos from our Numenta Training Workshop
held Friday, October 17th, are now available on our web site. You can access
these videos on the Videos section
of our website. This new material offers a great way to get up to speed on
our work. Please check back on this page over the coming months as we plan to
add more content shortly.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in Numenta.

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

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