Progress Report June 2014 Newsletter

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

I’m writing today to give you a progress report from Numenta. We have continued
to make strides towards our mission of being a catalyst for machine

NuPIC Open Source Community – Solid Growth in First Year

One year ago we created the NuPIC open source project to support scientists and
developers who are interested in machine intelligence based on neocortical
principles. Since our launch, we’ve made great progress in our goal of building
a vibrant community, now with more than 800 subscribers to the NuPIC mailing
list and nearly 100 contributors.

We have recently concluded our third NuPIC Hackathon; the 32-hour weekend event
drew 76 developers and yielded 14 demos ranging from simple games to complex
word associations based on CEPT, the Cortical Engine for Processing Text. NuPIC
Community Flag-Bearer, Matt Taylor, summarized it well, saying “We’ve come a
long way since we started with 90,000 lines of code on Github and held our first
Hackathon with 20 people. Today, I am happy to report we have an active
community and a pattern of steady growth over the past year. If you are
interested in biologically-inspired machine intelligence, there is no better
place to be.”

Grok for IT Analytics on AWS – Showcasing the Power of the CLA

Grok, the first commercial product using Numenta’s Cortical Learning Algorithm
(CLA), is marking its first quarter in market. Grok learns patterns from its
temporal data stream, makes predictions, and identifies anomalies.
Simultaneously with the product’s release, Numenta issued a
Science of Anomaly Detection Whitepaper
that explains how it applied the science of the CLA to the technology of anomaly
detection. Here’s what some of our first customers have to say:

“Having Grok monitor AWS CloudWatch to highlight unusual patterns is
extremely useful. It highlighted leading indicators of problems in my AWS
environment, which helped me prevent downtime.” — Greg Krill, Data Center
Architect, Founder and Director, EdgeSense

“Grok is unique in that it delivers at-a-glance insight on top of our
existing metrics. As it learns automatically, we spend less time maintaining
it and more time working on our technology,” — Chris Alexander, SysAdmin and
Engineer, Import IO

If you’d like to see Grok, we will be exhibiting at the AWS Summit in NYC on
July 10th. Grok is also available on the AWS Marketplace with no license fee.

We are recruiting for two positions in our marketing department, one for a
product manager and one for a marketing manager [URL]. Help us find outstanding
people by sharing this information with your friends and colleagues!

We look forward to sharing more exciting news over the summer as we continue to
drive new innovations with our technology. Thanks for your continued interest
and support.

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

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