Announcing Grok for IT Analytics on AWS

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

NOTE: Numenta has announced a strategic partnership with Avik
please read more about the future of
Grok for IT Analytics.

Today is an important day for Numenta. We are pleased to announce the general
availability of Grok. We will be showcasing Grok at the
AWS Summit
at the San Francisco Moscone Convention Center on March 26th. If you are
attending, please join us in booth 100 to see a demo – and experience our
breakthrough technology for anomaly detection.

As we mentioned in our February newsletter, Grok for IT Analytics monitors
servers running on AWS and is the first commercial application of our
groundbreaking Cortical Learning Algorithm (CLA). Grok enables
IT professionals to spot anomalous system behavior in order to stay ahead of
problems and prevent business downtime, and to substantially reduce annoying
false positives generated by threshold based systems.

What makes us different is the powerful science behind our technology, enabling
Grok to identify unusual patterns that many other monitoring tools may miss and
to automatically learn changes in its environment without human intervention.
We encourage you to read our new whitepaper
[The Science of Anomaly Detection](/assets/pdf/whitepapers/Numenta White Paper – Science of Anomaly Detection.pdf)
for details and examples of how Grok does its magic.

Since our soft launch in February, our team has added valuable new features
based on customer feedback:

  • Monitoring of AWS Auto-Scaling Groups
  • Monitoring of logically-related server clusters
  • Improved user-controlled notifications
  • Addition of a command line interface tool
  • Improved mobile interface on Android devices
  • Ability to ingest any streaming data source via custom metrics

If you are an IT professional or just wanted to explore Grok, we have several
options to make it easy to get started. Grok is available here:

We also invite you to provide your feedback. Be sure to send us
details on anomalies that Grok found that you would otherwise not have seen!
And let us know about features you’d like to have us implement in order to make
Grok more useful.

To support our launch, we have upgraded our website and made a number of helpful
resources available.

Thanks for your continued interest and support. We look forward to hearing how
you like Grok.

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

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