Announcing Grok for IT

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

NOTE: Numenta has announced a strategic partnership with Avik Partners, please read more about the future of Grok for IT Analytics.

Over the past year, we have tested our Grok technology on a variety of enterprise applications. Customers show substantial interest in our technology, with proposed applications ranging from remote equipment maintenance to power management to web advertising optimization, and many more.

Although the interest level is strong, and we conducted many tests to prove the validity of the cortical learning algorithms, we found that it was difficult for customers to deploy Grok. The barriers to deployment included having clean access to data streams as well as integrating the results into existing business processes.

Because of this experience, we decided to create a more targeted solution that makes it far easier for customers to deploy Grok.

This product, currently under development, will monitor IT systems, automatically figuring out whether the network is healthy or is in an anomalous state. In essence, we are bringing deep science to the problem of detecting anomalies in servers and server based applications. The first version of the product is a simple-to-deploy tool focused on customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We have a few openings left for our private beta program, which will start shortly. If you have a current AWS environment (small or large) and would like to participate in the private beta, please send an email to We welcome your input and your help in finalizing this exciting new product.

In other news, the NuPIC open source project we created in June is off to a great start. NuPIC contains the source code to our cortical learning algorithms, the same code used in our product Grok. We are pleased with the number of contributors, the email discussions, and overall interest. We are holding our second NuPIC Hackathon in San Francisco on November 2 – 3. To sign up for the Hackathon, go to To learn more about the open source project, visit

Thank you for your interest in Grok and in We look forward to meeting some of you in our beta program or at the NuPIC Hackathon.

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

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