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Numenta’s mission is to be a leader in the new era of machine intelligence. We believe the brain is the best example of an intelligent system, providing a roadmap for building intelligent machines. The brain’s center of intelligence, the neocortex, controls a wide range of functions using a common set of principles.

Because today’s computers are programmed, they can only do exactly as they are told. In stark contrast, intelligent machines continuously and automatically learn patterns in their environment without being programmed, enabling them to tackle problems in entirely new ways. Intelligent machines that learn will have an enormous beneficial impact in the coming decades.

We have made significant progress in understanding the neocortex and building software based on those principles. We put all of our research and software implementations into open source and encourage others to join us in building a community. From a commercial point of view, we license our technology and intellectual property.


Numenta Historical Timeline

Numenta was established in 2005 in Redwood City, CA. Our progress can be categorized by three distinct phases:

  1. Testing the HTM theory and developing first generation algorithms. During this phase, vision was a main application focus area.
  2. Developing a second generation of HTM Learning algorithms with stronger biological correlation and a roadmap for future work. During this phase, we continued to explore applications, built a prediction engine, and started our open source project.
  3. Researching the third generation of HTM Learning algorithms. We are currently focusing on sensorimotor integration.