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Playfair AI Summit 2016

Subutai Ahmad • VP of Research

About the Event

Artificial intelligence is transforming our world. FAST.

In its second edition, the Playfair AI Summit 2016 will explore the frontiers of
AI research and how these technologies are leveraged by companies to extend the
functionality of products and services, as well as enable entirely new ones
altogether. It’s overwhelmingly clear that AI is transforming our personal and
professional lives, as well as the operations of businesses worldwide. AI also
has profound implications for the future fabric and functioning of society.

Keeping with last year’s tradition, the Playfair AI Summit 2016 will showcase
the brightest academic and entrepreneurial leaders in engineering, research,
product development from the most exciting technology companies and
Universities. Conversations will be led by the industry’s most respected
journalists and thinkers.

Subutai Ahmad • VP of Research

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