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Strata + Hadoop World 2015

Subutai Ahmad • VP Research

Streaming Analytics: It’s Not The Same Game

Talk Abstract

We are witnessing an explosion of sensors and machine generated data. Every
server, every building, and every device generates a continuous stream of
information that is ever changing and potentially valuable. The existing big
data paradigm requires storing data for batch analysis, and extensive modeling
by a human expert, prior to deployment. This is incredibly inefficient and
cannot scale. Instead there is a growing need to rapidly create adaptive models
that accept streaming data sources and can take instant action.

In this talk I will describe a new paradigm for streaming data algorithms, based
on recent neuroscience findings and on the computational properties of the
neocortex. These systems are highly automated, adapt to changing statistics,
and naturally deal with temporal data streams. They require no batch training
and custom models can be deployed on the fly. Many of the core ideas have been
implemented in the open source project NuPIC, and validated in commercial
applications. Given the massive increase in the number of data sources, a
general-purpose automated approach is the only scalable way to effectively
analyze and act on continuously streaming information.


Subutai Ahmad • VP Research

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