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Orange Institute 14 How Silicon Valley is Redefining Business Again

Donna Dubinsky • CEO, Co-Founder

Disruption is the new norm. Many of us have watched the Digital Economy remake
the IT and tech world, from mainframes to mobile phones. At Orange Institute, we
are convinced that this time it’s fundamentally different: Digital is
transforming everything, not just the Tech world. Entertainment is always the
first to feel Technology’s shock. It continues to be the test-bed today. But for
the first time – as never before – all industries are impacted.

Orange Institute’s Silicon Valley session explores how technology is
restructuring industries and the companies within, and helping them adapt to
changing customer behaviors. From the drive toward network virtualization,
virtual reality, mobile payments, and Cloud technology, to new device and
consumtion patterns, the scale of these incursions is explosive.

Topics included in this session (preliminary):

  • Corporate interaction with Startups
  • Machine learning / Deep Learning
  • Self-driving Cars, Robots, and Smart Homes
  • The Full Stack: Silicon Valley’s secret formula for Disruption
  • Studio System to Ecosystem: Hollywood confronts the YouTube Effect
  • Regulating Disruption: How Silicon Valley challenges the rules
  • Neuroscience meets Computer Science
  • The Virtual Reality Rollout
Donna Dubinsky • CEO, Co-Founder

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