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NeuroTechX meetup featuring Jeff Hawkins

Jeff Hawkins • Co-Founder

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On May 12, NeuroTechX and Indiegogo are proud to host Jeff Hawkins, co-founder
of Numenta, who will give a talk titled, “What is Intelligence, that a Machine
Might Have Some?”

There’s no question that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hotter than ever. Yet
as interest continues to grow, so do the number of interpretations of AI itself.
Numenta’s approach lays the groundwork for the new era of Machine Intelligence.
Led by Hawkins, the company’s mission is to reverse engineer the neocortex to
build intelligent machines. This approach, which is not just biologically
inspired, but biologically constrained, is based on the understanding that the
brain is the only example we have of an intelligent system.

What is Intelligence, that a Machine Might Have Some?

While there’s more work to be done, Numenta has made great progress toward a
computational theory of the neocortex called HTM. At the core of HTM are
time-based learning algorithms that store and recall spatial and temporal
patterns. It is distinguished from other techniques in its ability to learn
continuously in a fully unsupervised manner.

In this talk, Jeff will raise important questions about the implications of this
work: what is the legacy that we should be aiming for? What is intelligence
itself? What should we do to try to build intelligent machines? What might these
machines look like in the future and what will they do? He’ll cover the
biological components of intelligence, the functional components of intelligence
and the diversity of intelligence machines.

Don’t miss the chance to hear Jeff speak on this fascinating topic.

Jeff Hawkins • Co-Founder

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