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Yuwei Cui • Research Engineer

About Talk

This talk is part of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
(IJCNN 2016). Special Session TA-4: Online Real-Time Learning Strategies for
Large Data Streams, located in room 215.

Conference Schedule:

About Conference

IEEE WCCI has traditionally been the largest technical event in the field of
computational intelligence, hosting three separate prestigious conferences
(IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE, IEEE CEC) under one roof. Over the years the event has
provided a platform for highly acclaimed intellectuals from all over the world
to discuss and present their research findings on computational intelligence.
The organizing committee will put in place a rich and varied technical program
which is designed to engage participants in cross-fertilization of ideas among
the three big areas in computational intelligence. The event will also offer a
series of social functions, such as welcome reception, conference banquet etc.,
which will serve as a good channel to establish new connections and foster
everlasting friendship among fellow counterparts.

Yuwei Cui • Research Engineer

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