Wed, Oct 07, 2015 • Events

GSVlabs Pioneer Summit 2015

Jeff Hawkins • Co-Founder

We are convening the leading venture and growth companies from around the world,
highly curated by the GSV TEAM, to gather in Silicon Valley. We don’t want
incremental ideas. Our main mission is to help accelerate entrepreneurs’ efforts
to make a significant impact on industries and societies.

In the spirit of Davos and TED, we want to explore the ideas that will transform
and improve the world, yet focus on tangible companies that entrepreneurs are
building through blood, sweat and tears.

Our goal is not to be the biggest summit, but to be the most impactful. We bring
together the key people driving growth in the Global Silicon Valley. The
Pioneers at our Summit believe that we can build companies that are
transformative, global and inclusive.

Jeff Hawkins • Co-Founder

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