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Data Science Summit US 2016

Subutai Ahmad • Numenta Event


At Numenta we aim to understand the computational principles underlying the
neocortex, and build intelligent machines based on those principles. At its most
basic level the neocortex takes in a stream of sensory data, builds a
sensorimotor model of the world and outputs a stream of motor actions. Recent
advances in neuroscience and neural imaging techniques have led to an explosion
of data and information regarding these functions. In this talk I will describe
a number of cortical principles and how, as computer scientists, we can
translate them into working systems. The core ideas have been validated in
commercial streaming analytics applications, and an optimized implementation is
available in our open source project called NuPIC. Although we still have much
work to do, this work forms a foundation for building biologically inspired
intelligent machines.


The Data Science Summit is packed with industry experts, authors, researchers
and business leaders, delivering concrete examples of data science and machine
learning in action. Hear best practices, war stories, vital dos and don’ts and
precisely how innovators are deploying machine learning solutions in industry,
and the business impact they deliver.


  • 2 days & 3 tracks with 60 talks and tutorials, and a startup showcase.

  • Hands-on trainings: gain practical skills using the best tools in the

  • Hear war stories from business leaders at Capital One, Cloudera, Deepart,
    Google, Kaggle, Pandora, Quora, Salesforce, StichFix, Tableau and more.

  • Discover amazing machine learning advances from professors at Carnegie Mellon,
    Stanford, UC Berkeley & University of Washington.

  • Book signings by scikit-learn’s Andreas Mueller & Pedro Domingos, author of
    “The Master Algorithm”.

  • 1400 fellow data scientists, developers and business leaders for networking.
Subutai Ahmad • Numenta Event

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