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Fourth Berkeley Symposium on Energy Efficient Electronic Systems

Jeff Hawkins • Co-Founder

The technical program consists of invited and contributed papers. Complementing
the oral presentation sessions is a poster session.

The 2015 Organizing Committee is soliciting contributed papers on advances in
the following areas that will contribute to radical reduction in power

  • Ultra Low Voltage Nanoelectronics
  • Milli-Volt Nanomechanical Logic
  • Ultra-Low Energy Spintronics Optical Chip Scale Interconnects
  • Low Voltage CMOS Circuits and Architectures
  • Energy Efficient Computing Systems

The Symposium

The Berkeley Symposium on Energy Efficient Electronic Systems brings together
researchers from around the world who are working on breakthrough improvements
in energy efficiency for information processing systems. The goal is to foster
closer cooperation and collaborations among the researchers working in this
domain of technology.

Established in 2009, it is a forum for speakers, from academia, industry, and
government laboratories, to share their perspectives, and discuss issues and
approaches, enabling the attendees to better understand this area from both
above and below them on the food chain. We have a grand scope in mind, extending
from new low-power nanoelectronic devices, through circuit design, chip-scale
architecture, short-range interconnects, long-range interconnect, networks,
software, storage systems, servers, data centers and supercomputers.

IEEE Electron Device Society became a technical co-sponsor in 2013.

Jeff Hawkins • Co-Founder

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