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AI by the Bay

Subutai Ahmad • VP Research

"Detecting Anomalies in Streaming Data – Real-time Algorithms for Real-world


There’s no question that we are seeing an increase in the availability of
streaming, time-series data. Largely driven by the rise of the Internet of
Things (IoT) and connected real-time data sources, we now have an enormous
number of applications with sensors that produce important data that changes
over time. This data presents a challenge and opportunity for businesses across
every industry. How do they handle the onslaught of streaming data? How can they
exploit it to make decisions in real-time? One way is to detect, in real time,
when something unusual occurs. Early anomaly detection in streaming data has
significant implications, yet can be very difficult to execute. It requires
detectors to process data in real-time, not batches, and learn while
simultaneously making predictions. In this talk, we’ll look at algorithms
designed for such data and analyze the components that lead to optimal
performance. We’ll also discuss a new benchmark with a labeled, real-world data
set, designed to provide a controlled and repeatable environment of open-source
tools to test and measure anomaly detection algorithms on streaming data. How do
we score in a way that rewards algorithms that detect all anomalies as soon as
possible, triggers no false alarms, works with real-world time-series data
across a variety of domains, and automatically adapts to changing statistics?

Event Details

AI By the Bay is a new conference applying scalable Machine Learning to batch
and streaming data. Text and speech channels such as social media, sensors and
other Internet of Things devices are generating more of these streams every day.
These streams can be understood semantically, correlated, and used for real-time
modeling of interactions crucially relevant to your business. We’ll apply the
same scientific rigor and uncompromising software engineering presented at Text
By the Bay 2015 to the AI and IoT domains, and connect them through open-source
systems, applications, and community.

Subutai Ahmad • VP Research

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