New HTM School Series Debut: Interview with a Neuroscientist

Joanne Cua • Marketing Associate

Designed to make the theory of Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) more accessible to the general public, HTM School is a YouTube channel containing videos about HTM and updates on our ongoing research here at Numenta. The channel is run by Numenta’s Open Source Manager Matt Taylor and was created a year ago to educate everyone about HTM. On the channel, you will find bite-sized, 15-20 minute educational HTM videos with visualizations and examples, interviews with our co-founder Jeff Hawkins, Numenta researchers, and other neuroscientists, as well as monthly live HTM Hackers’ Hangouts.

HTM School recently debuted a new series called Interview with a Neuroscientist, where Matt sits down with neuroscientists for a Q&A session to discuss pun-laden categories related to their field in neuroscience. When asked why he created the series, Matt revealed that he wanted to reach young people and show them how interesting the field of neuroscience is and how much we still have left to understand. So far, we’ve released two episodes which feature Dr. David Eagleman and Dr. Michael Berry.

Ep. 1: David Eagleman

Interview Eagleman

David Eagleman is the bestselling author of INCOGNITO and host of the PBS series, The Brain. He is also an adjunct associate professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Stanford. In this episode, Matt and Dr. Eagleman discuss synesthesia, competing unconscious drives, the two hemispheres of the cortex, and the binary nature of brain communication.

Ep. 2: Michael Berry

Interview Berry

Michael Berry is an associate professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton. He has been studying neural computation in the retina for over 20 years and runs The Berry Lab at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. In this episode, Matt and Dr. Berry discuss the complexity of the retina, the mechanisms by which the retina encodes photons, as well as the optic nerve.

Coming Soon: Ep. 3

Interview Jonas

Stay tuned for episode 3 featuring postdoctoral researcher at the Berkeley Center for Computational Imaging, Eric Jonas. He studies a wide range of topics– biological signal acquisition, machine learning, neuroscience, and heliophysics among others. In this episode, Matt and Dr. Jonas discuss neurons vs transistors, brain lesions, and connectomes.

Who else would you like to see on the show? Suggestions are welcome in our discussion on HTM School topics on the HTM Forum.

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Joanne Cua • Marketing Associate

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