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Christy Maver • Director of Marketing

This morning, as Hollywood anxiously awaited to hear the nominees for this
year’s Academy Awards, another set of winners was recognized – not for motion
pictures, but for artificial intelligence.

The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence
were announced today by http://Awards.AI.

Awards.AI is part of the Informed.AI Network, which
provides a range of information resources for Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning. The awards are voted on by its community and designed to
celebrate the various achievements in developing new algorithms, products and
services across a number of different categories and industries, as well as the
work of startups and individuals whose focus on AI is advancing the field.

There’s no question that interest, activity and progress in the field of
artificial intelligence, (or machine intelligence, as we would say here at Numenta)
is increasing every day. The existence of these awards is a testament to the
growing enthusiasm for this space. We were honored to see the community
recognize our work, along with our strategic partner,, in several of the 10 categories of
achievement in 2015:

Award Winner
AI Company of the Year Numenta
AI Person of the Year Jeff Hawkins
AI Application of the Year NuPIC
AI Startup of the Year

Our most recent newsletter
shared what we thought to be highlights of our achievements in 2015. was recognized for developing a new approach for handling Big Text
Data with highly efficient semantic fingerprints and the Retina,
which is the first semantic engine able to process terabytes of unstructured
text in real time, for any language or business domain.

You can see the full list of winners at or follow them on
Twitter @Awards_AI.

Most awards ceremonies include the seemingly never-ending “I’d like to thank”
speeches. Don’t worry; no need to cue the orchestra here. I will simply say on
behalf of Numenta, thanks to those who voted, and more importantly, thanks for
following us and our work here. We appreciate the support, and it is great
motivation as we set out to accomplish even more in 2016.

Christy Maver • Director of Marketing

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