Numenta HTM Challenge 2015 Results

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

Earlier this month, we ran a contest for our developer community to use our
algorithms on real world problems. The contest, called the HTM Challenge, was
conceived by Matt Taylor, our community flag-bearer, as a way to enable the
community to invest more time in trying to build an application than they can in
a weekend Hackathon.

Overall, we were pleased with the result, with 14 entries submitted. Each
entrant was required to make a short video demonstrating the application. You
can see them all here:

It’s interesting to note that the #1 and #2 winners are both in the field of
transportation, one detecting car traffic anomalies and the other relative to
aviation anomalies, both using our geospatial encoder.

To me, however, the most notable result of the contest was to realize the
breadth of the type of applications that can be addressed with HTM. Although
these were just demonstration programs, not ready for commercialization, they
offer support to the notion of a generalized machine intelligence approach.
Whether the application was predicting traffic, tracking heart monitors,
understanding natural language, or generating music, the exact same algorithm is
at play, just like in your brain.

We often talk about how our biologically derived technology is extremely
flexible and applicable to many different problems. It’s nice to see this
reinforced with the wide variety of submissions. Thank you to everyone who
participated in this challenge. We look forward to seeing what future
applications will be built on HTM.

See photos from the event held in Redwood City

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

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