Numenta Licensing Update and AGPLv3

Donna Dubinsky • CEO

Numenta Licensing Update

Today I’d like to tell you about some changes and updates to our open
source and commercial licensing strategy.

First, effective today, we will be using the
AGPL open source license instead
of the GPL open source license for all of our open source software. When we made
the decision to use the GPLv3 license several years ago, the GPL seemed like a
good fit for our needs as we were trying to promote a community that shares
their work, rather than going with a more permissive style license that allows
individuals to keep enhancements private. The AGPL is in keeping with that
spirit and makes clear that use in a
SaaS implementation is
also considered a distribution and thus must fully comply with the GPL. The
proposed changes were discussed on our mailing lists and the NuPIC community is
supportive of this change. Note that the AGPLv3 is explicitly designed to be
the same as the GPLv3 with the additional of the SaaS clarification, and will
not impact open source developers in any other way.

Second, we have heard from potential customers that some companies have
prohibitions against their engineers using either the GPL or the AGPL.
Consequently, we have created a very simple
Trial License. The Trial License confers
no commercial rights, but allows research and experimentation with NuPIC
software without being required to use an open source license.

Finally, as you may know, we have a dual license strategy for NuPIC in that we
offer commercial licenses
in addition to our open source license. Recently, we have had an increase in
requests for commercial licenses to the point where we would like to create a
standard licensing program. We are in the process of documenting this program
to be released in the next few weeks. We plan on having two types of license,
one geared towards start-up companies formed specifically to create HTM
applications (with no up-front payments and a delayed royalty stream), and the
other for established companies. We hope these will cover the majority of cases
but of course, we can create custom licenses as needed.

I believe that these license changes will have a positive impact both for the
NuPIC open source community as well as for potential
commercial partners. Other than the SaaS change, there is no other change in
the open source license such that researchers, students, and individual
programmers can continue their work as before. Commercial participants can use
our Trial License, and will soon be able to evaluate our new standard licenses.

Thank you for your continued support.


Donna Dubinsky • CEO

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