Sparse Football Pool Winner

Rob Haitani • Marketing

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Sparse Football Pool! It was a
tight race that, given the game, went down to the wire. The winner had a total
of 7 correct responses, which is impressive given that you were only allowed to
select 9.

In fact, there were two entries with the highest score. But given the rules of
the contest, the first entry wins the Kindle and copy of On Intelligence. And
that winner is:

Ryan McCall!

Congratulations! Ryan also beat the best entry from Numenta (we were not
allowed to win the public prize but wanted to see how we’d do, since our
participation wouldn’t affect the public winner’s chances). The top two Numenta
entries had 6 correct answers.

We will follow up with a blog post describing how this pool relates to the way
the brain stores data. But in the meantime, thank to everyone for participating,
and congratulations again Ryan!

If only the Niners had won the game… 🙂

Rob Haitani • Marketing

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