Introducing the first ever Sparse Football Pool!

Subutai Ahmad • VP Research

Win a Kindle Paperwhite and a copy of On Intelligence

Did you ever think the Super Bowl could help you understand how your brain
works? Well, it can!

Numenta’s core algorithm, the
Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM),
relies on the properties of Sparse Distributed Representations. SDRs are the
fundamental way our brain represents information. The concepts behind SDR are
deep and thought provoking. We get a lot of questions around this and were
wondering how to explain it all in a fun simple way.

Enter the Sparse Football Pool. We came up with a simple Super Bowl quiz with
rules that closely mimic some operations in the CLA. We hope the quiz will be
fun and at the same time illustrate some deep principles behind the SDR.

The rules are extremely simple. How exactly do they relate to SDRs? We’ll
explain it all when we post the winner after the game, but for now here are two
tidbits: 1) computing overlap is a fundamental operation with SDRs, and 2) when
there are 30 questions and you choose 9, there are 14,307,150
possible combinations
of entries!

Also, in order to have more people participate, we’re also offering a cool
prize. The winner will receive a digital copy of
On Intelligence
as well as an Amazon Paperwhite Kindle.

The Three Rules:

1) Answer TRUE or FALSE for each answer.

2) You cannot have more than 9 TRUE answers. If you enter more than 9 TRUE
answers, we will take the first 9 only.

3) To figure out the winner, we will compute the overlap score between the
actual answers and your answer. The person with the highest overlap score
will win.

Computing Overlap Score

The overlap score simply gives you one point for every answer where you answered
TRUE and the correct answer was TRUE. For example, if the answer to question 3
is True and you answered True, you get a point. In all other cases you don’t
get a point for question 3. Note that since you can only put down 9 TRUE’s, the
maximum overlap score you can get is 9.

In case of ties, the earliest entry will win. (Also, if you submit more than
one entry, only the last entry will count.)

And Now, The Questions

To enter, go to our online submission form. You will be asked to answer the
following questions. They are repeated here for reference to help you plan out
your answers ahead of time (responses will only be accepted through the online
submission form).

  • The Baltimore Ravens will win the coin toss
  • There will be a lead change in the first half
  • There will be three lead changes in the game
  • There will be no lead changes in the game
  • The team leading at the end of the first half will lose the game
  • Colin Kaepernick will have at least one run greater than 20 yards
  • Joe Flacco will have at least one pass greater than 40 yards
  • Ray Lewis will get more tackles than Patrick Willis (solo + assisted)
  • Patric Willis will get more tackles than Ray Lewis (solo + assisted)
  • Aldon Smith will finally get a sack in the playoffs
  • Frank Gore will rush for more yards than Ray Rice
  • Ray Rice will rush for more yards than Frank Gore
  • There will be a scoreless quarter
  • There will be more than 10 total points in the first half
  • Baltimore will score first
  • San Francisco will score first
  • There will be a punt or kickoff return that is greater than 40 yards
  • Joe Flacco will have a higher QB Rating than Colin Kaepernick
  • Colin Kaepernick will have a higher QB Rating than Joe Flacco
  • The longest field goal will be more yards than the longest offensive play
  • There will be a score in the final 2 minutes of the first half
  • There will be a score in the final 2 minutes of regulation
  • Frank Gore will score the first touchdown
  • Vernon Davis will score a touchdown
  • Ray Rice will score a touchdown
  • The San Francisco Forty Niners claim their 6th Superbowl Trophy!
  • The Baltimore Ravens claim their 2nd Superbowl Trophy!
  • The color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach will be orange
  • JZ will join Beyonce on stage at some point during the halftime show
  • There will be a Beyonce lip-sync controversy reported on within an
    hour after the game ends.
Subutai Ahmad • VP Research

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